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Pamplona, dag 2

After a fabulous drive through the foot hills of the Pyrenees we arrived in Pamplona -Iruna- Spain.
Hans booked a hotel- whilst sitting in the car on a steep side street in Pamplona, via mobile and internet thingys- and 20 mins later the Fredlee’s were in their hotel room near the famous bull fighting arena.
It was hot but not as humid as in Bordeaux!
….but Mrs Fredlee bought a real spanish fan as in France we saw that all the young girls had one!!

We sat in cafe Iruna in a square in the middle of the old city and had cerveza and tapas! Delicious! and the waiter – who was waiting on the whole terrace on his own – was great and didn’t charge us for a red wine!

As the sun went down and the lamp lights came on, the afternoons sleepy city bars and streets came alive with masses of people of all ages enjoying the cool evening breeze!

Pamplona has wonderful colourful old shuttered buildings with ornate balconys and sloping tiled roofs, fabulous bars and restaurants and a great atmosphere!
But we didn’t see one bull!