PINCH PUNCH first of the month…with White Rabbits clause!

Screenshot 2013-11-01 11.10.11Pinch Punch Rules:
• It has to be the first day of the month after sunrise and before midday.
• The person(s) have to be awake.
• You can’t Pinch! Punch! the person whose already Pinched! Punched you!
White Rabbits Clause since November 1st 2013:
* If a person gives a pinch and a punch but fails to add the magic words- White Rabbits! No return!- you are allowed, according to tradition, to Pinch Punch them back!

So with this in mind you pick your victim, home in and strike with a not too painful but noticeable pinch and a punch some where on their body whilst triumphantly whooping:

My sister Louise in England always adds “White rabbits and no return!” when she Pinch Punches me the first of each month by text message – mostly really early in the morning, which is even earlier in England. But until I googled White-Rabbits-and-no-return up last month I had never known that the tradition of saying White Rabbits – (saying three times White Rabbits supposedly also brings good luck!)- after you’ve Pinch Punched someone, is to actually stop a Pinch Punch being returned!

In my family the reactions when being pinched punched usually range between surprise “Shit… is it the first of the month again!” or indignation “NO! NO! Doesn’t count/ I saw you coming/it’s nearly twelve o’clock/I wasn’t awake properly/it’s too early/I don’t do pinch punch/…stupid English tradition/what’s the point/ auwwww that hurt!!!”
But ….you bet come the end of this month they’ll be fiendishly plotting how to ‘Pinch! Punch’ ME come first of December!
But now I have my magic words after Pinch Punch first of the month:
“White Rabbits and NO return!”

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