Naar Keulen en terug / To Cologne and back

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The Fredlees were a couple of days in Cologne with our brother and sister-in-law to see Saul Steinbergs The Americans exhibition in Museum Ludwig, which is the building with the wavy undulating roof, in lots of the photos, in front of the Cathedral and next to the river Rhine and the main station. But apart from spending most of friday afternoon at the museum admiring Steinbergs incredible oeuvre, we still had time on thursday and friday for long sunny walks along and over the rushing waters of the river Rhine and back, and strolling through the many olde worlde cobbled streets with their colourful wood slatted houses, or sitting in the sun or under a parasol at a terrace for a beer or lunch or an ice cream or dinner, and an after dinner walk in the warm evening air, and one more time around the cathedral square, again! Two happy sunny days spending time together with the family!

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