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To Amsterdam Roest and back

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You can see the Fredlee’s zig-zag route at the end of the photo serie. Each orange flag a photo stop, observation point or obstacle!
e.g. Top righthand corner by the side of the railway track was a long grassy verge full of wild flowers but we suddenly couldn’t go any further, without jumping down onto a busy road, so we had to walk all the way back again!
Or in the middle of the map, near flags 2 and 3, where we normally could cut through from Roest back home, the terrein gates were locked and we had to walk all the way back and around! Luckily two young guys on bikes – taking pity on aged Fredlee’s! – cycled ahead of us to the gates to check it out!


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Een test met de Juicebox-gallery-plugin voor WordPress die werkt met HTML5. Dit zijn foto’s van één wandeling; ze staan hier alleen in de omgekeerde volgorde, maar dat komt een volgende keer vast wel goed.
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