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To the Serra da Estrela


It was supposed to be an early wakeup and an early set off to mountain Serra da Estrela. But with 8 people it took alot longer. After switching clothes (because Vitor said high up in the mountains it can get very chilly) putting on different walking shoes taking some warm jackets and hoodys we finally set of, with Antonio, Maria, AvĂ´, Vitor, Hans, mum, Cheyenne and me. After around 2 hours we arrived with already a spectaculair view!
Around 1 o’clock we passed a restaurant and decided to have a warm lunch and power up for the drive up.
Higher and higher we drove, the BMW showed us that the temperature was dropping and dropping. When we set of it was around 22 degrees. We stopped at the second or third gift shop. We looked up and there was this big concrete dam. As we walked up the dam we had a great suprise on one side no water and on the other side a beautiful “lake” the water came from rain snow and melting snow and was all natural! This was a perfect time to take an english/dutch/portugues family photo. But no time to hang around!!
We set of again in the car and higher and higher we went at this point it was 15 degrees and higher and higher we went. As we were reaching the top the clouds came closer and you could almoust touch them. It started to get colder and much more mist and clouds. The highest point 10 degrees!! Out the car brrrrrr this is unbelievable! I am freezing!!! Hans and Cheyenne set off over the rough fields hand in hand and me and mum stood shivering making sure they wouldn’t go too far. My hands were freezing mums hands were white and I had tears down my face from the cold, you can’t believe going from nice warm weather and then up the mountains to cold weather! The view was amazing the mountains being tucked in by the clouds and looking down on life.
We drove back down as it was time to go home, we passed rough vulcanic landscape and big rocks. So many colours and shapes created by nature itself.

When we got back in Felgar in a nice 22 degrees temperature we noticed no lights! After alot of ringing and asking neighbours if they had light, the electrician came to the village and climbed up the pole to fix the wires well of course we all called Hans this was definately a photo moment.
We had a lovely candle lit dinner. After dinner the lights came on and electric life could begin again.