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Felgar, Portugal


After phoning and texting to see where my parents were and Vitor making the funny remark: the gas pedal is on the right. My mum finally said they had arrived in Felgar and could see a pink house. Me on the telephone and trying to figure out where they were and Cheyenne quietly walking beside me Vitor came speeding up beside us in his BMW and my mum said we are are at cafe primavera. Finally they are here and we can eat!
After lunch we had a coffee at cafe primavera and a couple of beers. And Cheyenne showed her talents in playing pool!
Siesta time!

Awake time to see Felgar! Said my mum
We went up to the chapel where you can see santa barbara and Hans took a picture of mum Cheyenne and me!
But the fun wasn’t over, grandfather went of to get the mule (we found out later that he sneaked off and wasn’t supposed to go alone) so Cheyenne, Hans, mum, grandfather (avô), and me set off to find the mule. Avô went through the fields and moved branches and fences. But no mule in sight! So we trotted back up the path picking blackberries. And there was misses mule standing in the other field looking at us as if to say exuse me I am here! After a lot of anda (walk) and walking the mule came on the path and avô gave the rope to Cheyenne and she walked the mule to her barn.

As you read before my mum fell on the kitchen floor a couple of weeks ago but now with the heat her ancle started to swell up again and walking became a bit of a struggle. But avô came to the rescue with his hands and snake in a bottle he massaged her foot and told her it probably is broken or had been broken and now is healing wrong! So mum when you get back go to the doctor!
It was already an exciting day! Tomorrow climbing serra da estrela!