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Onderweg (6) en de Paashaas – Easter Bunny

Het konijn is niet dood, het leeft!
The rabbit isn’t dead, it lives! – Het konijn is niet dood, het leeft!

17 down, 18 to go!
The Easter Bunny – de Paashaas or Easter Hare in dutch – had been very busy early this morning as the Fredlees headed for the nearby metro. The route was scattered all over with colourful easter eggs, under the trees and sticking out of bushes. We followed the easter egg trail down into the underground, only to realise that the naughty Easter bunny, or hare, had caused havoc in the metro tunnels and no trains were riding at all in either direction! Wat nu? We ran quickly back upstairs, snow flakes softly falling outside, and the last I saw of Mr. Fredlee was him scampering over the Blue bridge, as quick as an Easter hare, to the Spui to catch tram 2!
Happy Easter all! Prettige Pasen allemaal!

Onderweg (5)… and rumbled!

Onderweg-715 down, 20 to go!
Just as The Fredlees were about to photograph another piece of Artoni art work this morning, for our Radiation Art/ Straalkunst project, we were rumbled by a hospital receptionist who came running up to us in the main hallway and demanded that we stop photographing immediately and delete what was on the camera! She explained that it was not allowed to take photos in the hospital and that it said so quite clearly on the window as you came in. Mr. Fredlee deleted the image on the cameras LCD screen, whilst she watched, then satisfied she returned to her desk at reception. We put on our coats and headed for the exit, looking for the warning sign that clearly told you not to take photographs. On the large glass window outside next to the revolving doors and under the dominating gaze of Antoni van Leewenhoeks portrait, we finally spotted a minuscule pictogram of a dog, and a cigarette and a camera all with a cross through them!