Mowing the dyke

This afternoon we went for a long walk and picnic on our favourite dyke near Petten, that meanders its way between the Putten nature reserve and farmland behind the famous Hondsbossche sea dyke. It’s a beautiful peaceful spot where hardly anyone walks, especially on a monday afternoon, with only the sounds of sedge warblers, lapping water, bleating sheep and rustling reeds. The dykes back was covered in a beautiful thatch of long silky grass and colourful wild flowers, waving and rustling luxuriously in the warm breeze.
We waded knee high through all sorts of grasses, purple thistles and wild flowers until we found a perfect spot to have our picnic.We’d just finished our sandwiches and were about to lie back in the grass to admire the scenery when the sound of heavy machinery suddenly broke the peace and quiet! In the distance a huge mowing tractor was making its way towards us at great speed over the dyke, hacking and thrashing all the long grass and wild flowers that we’d just walked through as flat as a pancake!!

10 thoughts on “Mowing the dyke”

  1. @Gertie We waved at the driver and walked on! Our jeans and socks were full of spiky grass and thistles though when we got back!

  2. hahahahahaha… wat een geweldig stripverhaal! vooral die grote grijns waarmee jij je dekentje uitspreidt… en dan ineens die grote maaier. eigenlijk is het heel sneu van al die prachtige wilde bloemen, maar je vertelt het, in woord & beeld, echt té leuk.

  3. @Jacomijn The life of The Fredlees is often just one big comic strip and fairy tale!! Wonderful!

  4. mooi dat dak van huisje alleen boven het maaiveld.
    En ja, die echte Linda smile…wat een goed idee . Ik ging met Eva bloemen kopen en planten in haar en mijn tuin, ….mmmmmm lekker buiten in het zonnetje

  5. @Lieve. Ja dat rode dakje valt op als we rond wandelen en we noemen het ook Het Vogelhuisje! Heerlijk in het zonnetje en met het natuur bezig! Hou je taai!

  6. @Cherry We could imagine Mike in his mower having a great time mowing all that lovely long grass!

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